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Our Volunteer Policy

Our organization is committed to achieving its mission through the valuable contributions of volunteers. This policy outlines the guidelines for our volunteer program.

Volunteer Eligibility:
Volunteers must meet eligibility criteria, and undergo background checks if applicable.

Volunteer Roles:
Our organization offers a variety of volunteer roles, each with specific responsibilities. Details can be found in our Volunteer Handbook.

Recruitment and Selection:
Volunteers will be selected through an application and interview process to ensure they are a good fit for our organization.

Training and Orientation:
All volunteers will receive comprehensive training and orientation to understand our mission, values, and their roles.

Expectations and Code of Conduct:
Volunteers are expected to maintain professionalism, respect, and confidentiality at all times, following our Code of Conduct.

Scheduling and Time Commitment:
Volunteers must commit to the agreed-upon schedule and inform their supervisor of any necessary changes.

Supervision and Support:
Each volunteer will be assigned a supervisor who will provide guidance and support.

Safety and Liability:
Our organization will take measures to ensure the safety of volunteers. Liability in case of accidents or injuries is outlined in our Liability Policy.

Recognition and Appreciation:
We appreciate our volunteers’ contributions and will recognize their efforts through awards, certificates, and appreciation events.

Conflict Resolution:
Our organization has a procedure in place for addressing conflicts or concerns between volunteers and within the organization.

Termination and Exit Process:
Volunteers should adhere to our termination and exit process, which includes notice periods and debriefing.

Reporting and Feedback:
We encourage volunteers to provide feedback and report any issues or suggestions for improvement through designated channels.

Resources and Support:
Volunteers will have access to the necessary resources and support to perform their roles effectively.

Evaluation and Improvement:
We regularly evaluate our volunteer program to make improvements and ensure it aligns with our mission and values.

Contact Information:
For any questions or concerns, please contact our offices here through this mail:


Our organization values its volunteers and appreciates their commitment to helping us achieve our mission. Together, we can make a significant impact in the communities we serve.


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